Emergency Treatment

If you are having difficulty breathing or experiencing excessive swelling,
please call 911 immediately.

Accidents happen and no one should suffer through constant, excruciating pain. We are available to help you alleviate your oral pain especially if it becomes too much to handle. Some of the most common factors which may cause the need for emergency http://ridgefieldacupuncture.com/cheap-viagra/care are:

■ Swollen Gums
■ Abscess
■ Lost Fillings
■ Wisdom Teeth Complications
■ Mouth Ulcers
■ Toothache
■ Root Canal Complications
■ Broken or Chipped Tooth
■ Decayed Tooth Roots
■ Loose Crowns

For Dental Emergencies Monday through Friday 9:00 – 5:00 (our regular business hours) please call us (770)393-4711.

For Dental Emergencies not during our regular business hours CLICK HERE