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How is our office responding to the Corona Virus?


As the outbreak of coronavirus progresses, my dental practice continues to monitor CDC updates, and utilize aggressive strategies to combat the spread of pathogens within our clinic. Long before the coronavirus(Covid-19), my office implemented temperature screening on all patients as a response to the 2018 Ebola outbreak. We have always utilized touchless technology, such as touchless garbage cans and touchless hand sanitizers. Furthermore, our hand sanitizers not only utilize the standard ethanol alcohol but also include a very potent disinfectant, benzalkonium chloride. Our operatory water is treated with ultraviolet light to destroy pathogens. Furthermore, air in our clinic has always been scrubbed with three separate hospital grade filtration systems. Additionally, our clinic air is treated with 3 separate ultraviolet disinfection units.

While none of the above strategies is required by the government, my office believes that the benefits have always been well worth the expense.

Things you can do to help out in this situation. Avoid large crowded spaces. Wash hands frequently and avoid touching your face. Please cancel your dental appointment if you do not feel well and avoid contact with others. Inform all clinicians if you have traveled out of the country recently.


Finally, please remain calm despite the ever present hysterical alarmists. As a health care provider, we have direct contact with the CDC and health authorities concerning the latest updates. With respect to the coronavirus, increased morbidity is primarily associated with the elderly population and patients with a preexisting health condition.

Philip J Syribeys, DMD FAGD FICOI


Popcorn stuck in man’s tooth leads to life-threatening infection, open heart surgery


Have you ever had a piece of food stuck in your teeth that you can’t seem to get out? Brushing or flossing didn’t help. Maybe it’s time to see your dentist. Jamming foreign objects into your gums can lead to a cracked tooth, bleeding gums which later can develop into a life-threatening infection.

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Woman's blood turned a black color after she used medication to treat a toothache


You’re having a toothache but you don’t have time to stop by and see your dentist. Your other option is to get some pain relieving ointment from your local drug store. It is very important to be aware of what you put in your body. Sometimes taking over-the-counter medication without doctor’s approval can be life threatening.

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How Often Do I Need to Change My Toothbrush?


Do you ever feel like you’re not brushing enough or maybe you need a new toothbrush? Did you know that toothbrushes should be replaced every 3 months?

Brushing alone can leave a lot of germs behind that start eating away at your teeth and gums. Don’t let them get to your pearly whites! Make sure to floss and use mouthwash everyday to keep your mouth healthy and fresh.

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How to Deal with Dental Anxiety


Do you feel anxious when seeing a dentist? Does the thought of going to your dentist stress you out? You’re not alone! Many people have fear of seeing their dentist due to previous bad experiences. Anxiety is usually a fear about a future event. You’re worried about something that might happen.

There is no need to worry! Finding the right dentist can help soothe your mind and make you feel more comfortable. There are many ways that your dentist can help to make you feel comfortable and make your visits pain free!

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Why are my teeth sensitive to hot or cold?

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Do you pass on having hot or cold drinks? Do your teeth feel sensitive when you breathe in or when you’re eating sweets? It may be time to speak with your Dentist about teeth sensitivity.

Teeth sensitivity can be caused by numerous thing such as: brushing too hard, eating acidic foods, drinking soda, or even bleaching.

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Why do your teeth shift?


Considering that your teeth are securely anchored to your jawbone, they might seem immovable without orthodontia. But teeth shifting out of alignment can occur for several reasons other than when braces are first removed. Not only that, the shift can cause problems with your bite that may result in jaw, facial or neck pain if left untreated.

If you’ve noticed a shift in your smile, it’s helpful to know that some movement is common for everyone. But in some cases, you may need the guidance of a dental professional.

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